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Offer way to split task over more than one period

Sometimes we work on a task 1 week in this month and two weeks in the next with a break in between. It would be great to be able to specify more than one activity periods per task. Possibly with a recurring pattern like 2 days per week.

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    Hugo Schotman shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 We just signed up for the advanced version, we really need the ability to split a task, e.g. start and stop a task over a period of time. For example, my team do not work on it during holidays, and Xms, or just work on it one day a week for say, 6 weeks. Kind of makes the time tracking feature useless if the tool is calculating hours they are not working on it because dragging it over a long period adds hours to those days in between.

      • Chandan Chauhan commented  · 

        ya this will be awesome addition, for something like contractor will be working 2 days this week, then only Monday next, and entire week the week after that.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Splitting up tasks would be awesome

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        hello, is the recurring function now available? how do i delete a member permanently from the project?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        PLEASE add this functionality, it's a realy must have!

      • Manu commented  · 

        The same here. Splitting and recurring tasks are the first things I have missed in teamGantt (just been using it for 1 day).

        The best project management software I have seen (not tested – I am not affiliated) looking a bit like Teamgantt is Comindware Project Management. It allow to do recurring tasks. Only drawback from feature list is that it allows to log time but not track it.

        Comindware it a bit more expensive (but look a bit better and have more features, it seems), but this recurring task feature is really a lack. I have about 6-8 recurring tasks a week, so I need to create about 90 tasks for only 3 months. :-(

        I know it's tuff to develop, support, test etc. Thumbs up for split and recurring tasks as number 1 feature.

      • Avigail Milder commented  · 

        This is a big fail... The projects task will become necessarily long because of this... any movement in this feature since Dec. 15?

      • Brett Golding commented  · 

        I just signed up to Team Gantt, pretty disappointing that this feature doesn't exist. Would be nice to split a task over a longer period with some break inbetween, recurring the task would also be a bonus.

      • Cal Smith commented  · 

        Along with this it could offer recurring tasks that must be done to a timeline.

      • Jon Roobottom commented  · 


        Some answers for you, based on my experience with your site:

        1. How would you want percent complete handled? Would you need to track the percent complete of each "phase" on that line?

        — I personally find adding "% done" a waste of time. It's a very rough guess at best. Better to discuss progress in team meetings (I suspect most organisations will do). Be interesting to look at your usage stats and see if this is a feature you could kill off...

        2) How would resources be assigned? Does each "phase" need to be able to be assigned to different resources or does every phase get the same resource?

        — I think default behaviour is that all phases get same resources, then are editable individually.

        3) Dependencies could be a bit tricky as well.

        — To implement a first version of this could you not treat the phases of a task the same as a whole task, for dependencies? i.e. You can link dependencies mid way through a task. Seems like a compromise users would be OK with given the addition of this functionality.

        Not trying to tell you how to suck eggs here, so I hope it's ok that I've said this, but I feel this really would be a key differentiator for you. I spent a couple of months looking a tool like yours to help me plan projects effectively. Yours was the only one that wasn't massively over complex or expect me to estimate hours. The ability to "split tasks" over days is the only thing I've really missed from your competitors (Omni plan, etc).


      • Andrew Armitage commented  · 

        Shame this isn't on the road map - would be a very useful addition.

      • AdminNathan (Co-Founder, TeamGantt) commented  · 

        Unfortunately, it's still not on our roadmap as of now, but it is something we will continue to consider to for down the road.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        How close is teamgantt to making this 'recurring tasks' a feature. As it has been more than 3 years since the initial posting and this feature is something that is very important for us as a start-up trying to use Teamgantt to both structure tasks as well as our weekly calendar. Thanks!

      • AdminNathan (Co-Founder, TeamGantt) commented  · 

        Thanks for all the comments on this. We are still hashing it out and it's a possibility for down the road. I can definitely see how this would be useful. We are getting ready to release a feature for estimating how many hours a task will take. We are kicking around ideas for possibly working something like this in as well for a later release.

      • James commented  · 

        Hello, Just adding to this. This would be a great addition to Teamgantt. For us the three reasons so far to add this would be:
        - Recurring meetings (weekly/monthly team meetings)
        - Recurring external dates that need to be aligned (our development with client sprint dates)
        - Team holiday or unavailability. This can be covered in the resourcing but would be good to be able to add holidays of non-resourced people also.

        To possibly answer the problems around percentage, resource and dependencies.

        I think it would be a good first step to initiate the task as a percentage of the total days, for example if we have a ten week project with one day per week (lets say each monday) as a team meeting then then the total percentage of the task could be the full ten meeting days, with each 10% complete marking duration of task complete. I think this is similar to how MS project handles this.

        The resource (at least initially) I think most people would be happy to have assigned to the task in full, for example, you must have all resources for each of the ten meetings, not being able to change who attends each week.

        Dependencies, agreed would be tricky. Would you be able to pull the dependency line from the end of each meeting each week, at each break point. Or would you only allow dependencies against the final completion of the task (all meetings complete). For ease of implementation for a quick fix I think people would be happy to have no dependencies for split tasks, it seems most people simply want to show dates of multiple dated/same tasks like meetings, sprint dates, system review etc. A second release i think would be great to have dependencies on the 100% complete, and another release addressing dependencies on partially complete tasks.

        Thats what i would like to see for my projects at any rate. Until then we will be adding 10 tasks called 'weekly meeting' with 10 separate dates. I hope this can get added soon.

        fingers crossed! This is a great product, it would be great to make it greater!

      • Sam commented  · 

        This is a 'must-have' and I can't believe it's not been done yet.

      • Nick Pateman commented  · 

        This functionality would be incredibly helpful for us as well.

      • Jonty Roots commented  · 

        I was just about to add the same thought then saw this thread. We can have 20 or 30 projects running concurrently so to split out all the phases of an activity as separate tasks is completely unrealistic.

        This feels like quite a fundamental piece of functionality so would be great to see it in there.

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