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Teamgantt looks great and useful!

But seriously: It is a pain to click everything.
Please add keyboard shortcuts for like everything.

* adding/removing things
* indenting/outdenting things
* navigating through the project tree
* editing things as by "changing its content", e.g. the name of a task
* a more sensible access key chain (currently "tab" only goes through the "completed percent" input

By "things" I mean like any entity: task, group, milestone, resource ...

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    Toni Uebernickel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  AdminNathan (Co-Founder, TeamGantt) responded  · 

    We’ve just released an update that includes some of these features.

    You can now quickly add tasks/milestones by hitting Command+Enter (mac) or Control+Enter (windows). It will add the task directly under the task or group that you are hovered over.

    If you’ve edited a task’s name or added a new one, (Command/Control)+Enter will add the task directly under that task.

    Hitting (Command/Control)+Shift+Enter will add a milestone instead of a task.



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      • Feimo commented  · 

        I asked in a Webnair for such hotkey features, but they still don't have it. I don't want to pay for this tool while it is very hard to just indent a groups of tasks to be a subgroup.

      • Marc Hewitt commented  · 

        As this still hits top of google when looking up I'm surprised no new hotkeys besides delegation have been added in FOUR years. Not even a delete hotkey?!? Or a way to backtrack up the tree while entering projects?

        I mean I'm on the trial and I'm loving using it besides the lack of hotkeys and the odd use of shift and ctrl (which beginners will mix up non-stop which is frustrating as hell when there's no delete key).

        PM tools should be workable without a mouse, I feel like I need to enter all my data into into excel and import it into this tool instead of actually use it =/

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        How about Command-Z

        We're still in trial and, as we're getting acclimated to TeamGantt, I accidentally moved an ENTIRE TASK - and don't remember the correct start/end points.

        An 'undo' will keep me as a paying customer.

      • Nico Durand commented  · 

        Yes, too much clicking required indeed. Just do like MS Project and some online tools such as Clarizen, Liquid Planner, Gantter:
        - Insert key inserts a task
        - tab/shift-tab in-outdent
        - add some columns to add resources and task duration
        - add the possibility to select multiple tasks and link them all
        - when inserting a task between 2 linked tasks, the link should be broken and relinked wo/from the newly inserted task

        "Just" that would make it a clear winner.

        In terms of general behaviour (but this would belong to another issue), I am still puzzled by the way linked tasks work: when you link them, nothing moves, but as soon as you move a task, everything gets rescheduled, even if you specified a start date earlier for one of the later tasks.

      • Christian Rodriguez commented  · 

        So huge. You guys have done an amazing job with the calendar side, but adding tasks, subgroups, etc. is still a little clunky (adding children tasks / milestones / groups needs some love). Having keyboard shortcuts would be amazing! It's part of what makes Trello such a great tool, and I'd love to see it here too!

      • Jeremy Karney commented  · 

        Asana does a GREAT job of this. Following the Asana model would make inputting tasks so much easier!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +3. Just tabbing to indent would be a massive help.

        If it helps motivation, it looks like one of your budding competitors (gigantto) is making a big deal of keyboard shortcuts in their demo video...

        Then again, they're still in vaporware mode :-)

      • trevor.jobling commented  · 

        Agreed. Although it looks great, I find Teamgantt unusable because it needs so much mouse clicking.

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